We believe in everyone's right to happiness.

Welcome! Congratulations on your wedding!

We believe in everyone's right to love and marry. We are so happy that you are including the International Wedding Festival in your planning process.  Bridal shows, wedding expos and festivals are a great place to speak with multiple providers about your wedding day. We hope that you find the event to be a great planning experience where you can plan your wedding day in just one day.

We are proudly sponsored by LGBTWeddings.com and invite you to text: mylgbtwedding to 72727 to get your planning started.  We have made LGBTweddings.com table tents available to our exhibitors that we hope will assist you with identifying LGBT Weddings Proud Providers.

Should you have any feedback as to how the International Wedding Festival might make your planning experience a more enjoyable one, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We want to hear from you. Planning weddings is what we do and we Celebrate Every Day With a Wedding.

Additionally, if you have kudos for the event, we would love to hear those too!