About the International Wedding Festival

The International Wedding Festival has enjoyed more than 100 events in multiple markets since its debut 14 years ago. The event is a high energy affair that is all about wedding planning! With rows and rows of the area's most elite providers couples know they can arrive and plan their big day in just one day.

We welcome 100 - 400 couples at our events, depending on the location, season, and longevity of the event.

Couples love us because they can get the majority of their wedding planning complete in one day with great providers. They also love us because they know that they can bring their family to the IWF and find a welcoming event that loves diversity!

Wedding professionals come back season after season because they know that they can come to see quality brides and grooms to fill their calendar with bookings and consultations. Businesses also realize that when they participate in an International Wedding Festival they are not just "buying a booth." Our exhibitors have year round marketing opportunities with our highly interactive website and social media. We offer education services, great opportunities in mobile marketing, social media promotion and more.