Backyard Barn Wedding

Backyard Barn Wedding

One True Love

"Santiago and I met in Cartagena, Colombia during a family vacation. When we first met, we both immediately knew it was love at first sight. Then, from the moment we first kissed, we knew we were meant to be for a lifetime. A week after we returned from vacation to Medellin, Colombia, Santiago visited me at home and asked me to be his girlfriend and I, of course, said "Yes!"

Our love completes us both in so many levels. We have achieved many goals and all we set our hearts to do always works out magnificent. After a year of being in girlfriend and boyfriend relationship I had to move to Miami, FL for business reasons, and without any hesitation, Santiago offered to make the move with me. So, we moved to Miami, FL and our relationship just got stronger and just kept blooming.

Three years later, Santiago planned the most romantic, beautiful and organized proposal. On our fourth year anniversary, we were celebrating and went to our favorite park. There he surprised me with a fully decorated table with red roses, champagne, candles, AND beautiful sailboat. Santiago also had managed to have food from our favorite restaurant.

The music playing in the background was our song from when we first met. The final touch was a beautifully decorated album with our photographs put in chronological order from when we first met. On the last page of the album, I found the proposal note, where he wrote; he wants to sail away in a lifetime journey with me.

Then, he asked me to reach to the sailboat on the table, and there was the engagement ring, and then he said, "I want to continue living the rest of my days with you." I begin to cry from the excitement, and of course, I said I would love to spend the rest of my life with him. Being that Santiago and I are both Colombians it would only be expected that we would add a few touches of our Colombian roots to our wedding."

?- Claudia RiosClaudia Rios Photography